This is the new and best software for read and write flash file for SCANIA Ecu , with this software you don't need to use any extra tools and can use only VCI .
After you have this software, you can remote to your client laptop and do all programing.
After you connect to truck with VCI , you can read flash file from ECU and save its file and write on another ECU without any limitation .
With read and save all flash file, you can make a good archive for yourself and use from this archive on all time .
* software support COO7 and COO8
•    Use will be able to read Immo code and then use this code for remove Immo .
•     you can change CAN BUS speed from COO7 from 250 kb to 500 kb and 500 kb to 250 kb and do update firmware for ECU offline.
* software support OPC5 and TMS1 and TMS2
•    Change CAN BUS speed from 250 kb to 500 kb and conversely
•    You can change TMS2 to TMS1 and conversely
•    You can program new TMS in and update its firmware
* software support engine ECU   S6, S7, S8 and EMD
•    Change CAN BUS speed from 250 kb to 500 kb and conversely
•    You can read flash file from ECU and edit it and write on ECU again, so you can Remove Adblue, EGR, increase horsepower, decrease Fuel consumption and update firmware.
***software support adblue ECU   ECC3
•    You can read from ECU and write on ECU

Software install for you an active with 780$ . This this payment you have

** one year free and without limitations for read all ecu
**10 pcs token for write ecu
** you can install and active for more client without limitations
** after finish this 10 pcs write ecu you must charge your panel . Each 20 write is 350$


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